Waterfall Out of Thin Air: Ingenious Figtree Pocket 1 by 4Blue Pools

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With a quick glance at this beautiful pool setup from Australia’s 4Blue Pools, you might think you’re seeing an impossibility: a waterfall coming out of the air above a living room! Look again — because this ingenious apparition isn’t what it seems. The waterfall actually flows from an antique mirror wall that offers such complete and detailed reflection that it appears to double the open-plan space in the Figtree house it faces — an unexpected luxury touch to what began as a simple upgraded pool and water feature installation on this Sun Coast site. Besides being an elegant setup that visually expands a narrow yard, this project features multiple waterspouts gracefully arching over the scene and adding their own touch of whimsy to the elegant space.

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Entertaining? Not a problem — the indoor/outdoor blend is readily apparent in the mirror — when a cluster of wheeled loungers at poolside, on a spacious limestone deck big enough for a crowd, make it easy. During the day, green landscaping all around the edges of the pool — and in beds next to the stone privacy walls — is a cool accent in the bright Australian sun. At night, trees are up-lighted with subtle spots that reflect off both mirror and pool for an ambience that can’t be beat. Practically speaking, the blue Bisazza glass mosaic pool interior, self-cleaning systems, solar heating, and salt chlorination elevate this water playground from a simple back yard pool to an easy-care spot for family fun — an irresistible draw for swimming parties under the stars…or anytime.

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