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Get all the inspiration you need for your wedding or even if you're just a guest! You will find the best wedding gowns, mother of the bride gowns, flower girl gowns, and bridesmaid gowns, all presented by the best designers and brands such as Elie Saab, Vera Wang, Pronovias, Gucci, Chanel and more. You will find great ideas about wedding cards, wedding decorations, wedding cakes, wedding hairstyles and more. Moreover, you will find the best engagement rings, diamond bridal sets, and wedding bands presented by the best designers and brands such as Tacory, Tiffany & Co., and Verragio. Check out the latest trends of weddings and have some awesome ideas to make your wedding day so special.

  • Image Credits: Design Group

    Perfect Purple Wedding Ideas

    [caption id="attachment_408153" align="aligncenter" width="736"] Image Credits: Design Group[/caption] Traditional colors for a wedding are white for the bride, and grey or black for the groom. Next comes a splash of color from the bride’s flowers, and the groom’s and groomsmen’s ties and handkerchiefs. This is the added to with the maid of honor and bridesmaid’s dresses. The problem is, if you get it wrong, by now you can already have too many different colors, and often they can clash. So what...

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  • Photo Credit: Onesteptothe

    22 Awesome Big Rose Bouquets

    There is an expression which goes “Say it with flowers” and here we reckon some people have an awful lot to say. We also think that the words these people want to say include “I love you”. Roses are the true flower of love and romance, so what better way to express your love than with a massive bouquet of roses? After all, roses really are an incredibly beautiful flower and they also have the most wonderful bouquet. If...

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  • Spectacular-Wedding-Bouquet-Ideas-1

    Spectacular Wedding Bouquet Ideas from Petals, Ink. Floral Artistry

    There are some people in the world that you would swear were born in a garden; what can be said of a bride who not only grew the flowers for her own wedding bouquet, but who also designed it. Now that is what I call having a deep down love for your profession. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the glorious story behind how Petals, Ink. Floral Artistry of Austin, Texas, became one of the most beloved flower shops in the...

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  • BERTA-Summer-2014-Bridal-Collection-1

    BERTA Summer 2014 Bridal Collection

    Shooting in the beautiful city of Jerusalem, bridal designer Berta offers up her gorgeous 2014 Summer Edition Bridal Collection that has gained the special affection of those who love aesthetics. Designed to complete her 2014 bridal collection, and complement her 2014 Winter Bridal Collection, the focus of the line is to give tribute to her birthplace, Egypt, and her childhood home, Israel. The vintage nature of the collection explodes into a burst of dramatic lines with divine handmade lace infused...

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  • Berta-Winter-2014-Wedding-Dress-Collection-1

    Berta Winter 2014 Bridal Collection

    Created by Israeli designer Berta, and photographed in Northern Italy, the Berta Winter 2014 Bridal Collection is a winning combination of a 15th and 16th century-inspired style infused with a more modern ‘Old Hollywood’ vibe. Berta’s unique and flawless finishes in her bridal collection have earned her international attention as one of the world’s top bridal designers. While designing the collection, her special inspiration blended the best of the two eras, with marvelous results that will give brides a one-of-a-kind...

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  • Military-Spit-and-Polish-in-a-Classic-Wedding-by-Stephen-DeVries_22

    Military Spit and Polish in a Classic Wedding by Stephen DeVries

    A dashing father of the bride, tables marked for branches of the armed services, a bagpiper, and more than a little break-dancing are all part of this celebration of a spring wedding in Birmingham, Alabama, in images from Stephen DeVries. The groom looks terrific in traditional gray cutaway and snowy-white tie, while his men sport dignified gray striped ascots. In keeping with this classic color theme, the maids wear simple strapless gowns with white bodices, black sashes, and gray...

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  • Wedding-with-Down-Home-Country-Charm-by-Stephen-DeVries_49

    Wedding with Down-Home Country Charm by Stephen DeVries

    She might be a little bit rock ‘n roll, too, but one thing’s for sure about this Lake Martin, Alabama, bride: she’s definitely more than a little bit country, as is the spirit of this entire wedding, in these charming celebration pictures from Stephen DeVries. Homespun touches are everywhere here, from homey beads and sequins on a lacy garter to casual bouquets bursting with pink and red roses and baby’s breath. But probably the most thorough evidence of “country through...

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  • Ruffles-Bouquets-Waves-and-Bubbles-Miami-Wedding-Jerry-Ghionis_23

    Ruffles, Bouquets, Waves, and Bubbles: Miami Wedding by Jerry Ghionis

    In a sumptuous Miami, Florida wedding of ruffles, bright yellow bouquets, and bubbles, this happy couple ties the knot in grand style in these images from Jerry Ghionis. The bride poses demurely in her veil, slips into her gown with the help of a bridesmaid, and embraces a beaming flower girl. Her maids beam, too, as bright as the autumn sunshine in strapless gowns of sky-blue satin with fetching white sashes. Weddings are, of course, all about family; the bride...

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  • Wedding-in-the-Biltmore-Mansion-Wine-Cellar-Stephen-DeVries_42

    Wedding in the Biltmore Mansion Wine Cellar from Stephen DeVries

    It’s not unusual to marry at a landmark site, such as the Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina…but it may be a trifle unusual to hold your ceremony in the site’s wine cellar! This small, intimate affair is brought to us with candlelight, abundant flowers everywhere, and casually spirited style by Stephen DeVries. This bride’s not afraid of being all-girl, from her strapless lacy gown to her cascading curls and her high-heeled satin slippers. Her groom’s got a laid-back approach with...

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  • Magic-in-Blue-and-Silver-Wedding-by-Jerry-Ghionis-Photography_41

    Magic in Blue and Silver: Wedding by Jerry Ghionis Photography

    A breathtakingly beautiful chuppa, a bride swathed in chiffon, and snowflakes filtering over the dance floor (in lights, that is!) are all parts of a glorious wedding celebration here, pictured by world-renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis. The setting is sumptuous; a mansion with elegant statuary and gilded decorations, chandeliers, and vintage art, as the bride makes her way down a winding staircase toward a “reveal” that is art itself. Her gown is strapless, a cascade of ruffles and lace; her veil...

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