Wentworth House by MPR Design Group: Tranquility in the Midst of Change

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There’s no question that with one look at the Wentworth house, by MPR Design Group, one feels a sense of tranquility: the exterior roofline rises in multiple levels, as if to float above its surroundings, and the interior is a gracious, open floor plan where spaces move fluidly, one to the other. However, this tranquility has also come in the middle of a sea change: MPR Design Group, as an entity, has restructured itself, and this Sydney firm is now two separate companies: JPR Architects Pty. Ltd., and MHN Design Union. As of writing this, both firms’ Web pages are still listed as “under construction” — so more updates on this shift are yet to come. However, the Wentworth property stands at present as an excellent example of what this team of architects did when they were still under one roof; and, although it is a series of rectangular and square levels, it is neither harsh nor “choppy” in its feel.

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Inside, the multi-level design makes for variety in residential spaces. A living room, flooded with light, is a blend of native stone, rich wood, and color — purple, cream, and gray — that creates a relaxing conversational mood. Stairs lead to an eat-in kitchen with sleek overhead and recessed lighting; rich paneling and curved wooden pillars accent the rise of the various steps that connect the levels. Throughout the home, the colors are those of the natural world: cool white stone, deep teak, indigoes of the sky. Squared lines and neat corners are, in turn, softened by curved white stone sinks in a vanity bathroom and a smoothly slanted seat on a kitchen chair. The hospitable welcome culminates outdoors, where an alfresco dining area opens onto a pool, lighted subtly for evening swims and starlight reflection. Among graceful greenery, palms, and established trees, Wentworth truly is a sea of calm — produced even while its creators felt the winds of change.

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