Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Curtains & window treatments usually play a major role in interior decorations; in bedrooms as well, curtains are one of those accessories that can make a big difference and sometimes are used to change the look completely which proves its importance as a decorative item not just a way to obscure the bedroom for a comfortable sleeping. Since we are talking about bedroom curtains, we must say that a curtain should usually follow the same decorating style of your bedroom. You can’t for example have a very contemporary or minimalist bedroom decoration and choose for it a very classic curtain design with traditional motifs. If you are looking for a very intimate atmosphere, it will be better to opt for heavy curtains such as velvet, but you must know that this kind of window treatment will necessarily darken your bedroom… This kind of curtains is perfect for a classic and even a baroque style. A contemporary bedroom design will need lightweight fabrics having an airy spirit like chiffons and voiles; In this case, to prevent the outside light, play with drapes, use window treatments like double curtains or blinds. In all cases, follow the ambience and colors of your bedroom decorating style, harmonize your curtains with your bed linen for example, and try to not go for too strong contrasts unless your walls are completely white.

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