Women’s Loafers Fall/ Winter 2012 Collection

They have been making their way into our closets since last year, but loafers are still a very popular shoe trend for women for this fall/winter season of 2012. You read it right, loafers! As in ‘the type of shoes the pope of Rome wears’. Yes, the pope wears loafers, Prada loafers to be correct. And there’s a fair chance you’ll be wearing loafers during fall/winter 2012 too! Much alike the ballet flats trend of a couple of years ago, loafers’ main selling point is comfort. Since they are flats, they are for sure much more comfortable than the 5-inch heels we sometimes put our feet in. However, in comparison to the ballet flats, they are distinctly more grown up and classy.

Their shape is flattering with a slightly pointed toe, which helps to optically elongate your legs. No hassles with laces or zippers as these shoes are a basic step-in model. Make sure to get them in your exact size, half a size too big could mean they don’t stay on when you’re walking with unpleasant consequences such as blisters. Too small is not good either, you will wear them once, go through intense pain and never wear them again. When trying on loafers, remember this rule of thumb: Shoes can stretch a little in width, but not in length. Loafers come in funky colors and materials such as pink velvet, studded leather or leopard print pony hair. Sometimes they are adorned with two small tassels, giving them a playful look. Usually the tassels are in a different color than the actual shoe, leaving some options open to color-coordinate your outfit.

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