Zelda Williams Returns to Twitter with Defiant Message About Bullying

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After being chased off Twitter by bullies shortly after the passing of her father, Robin Williams, Zelda Williams returned to Twitter with a simple statement about bullying.

Zelda encountered a lousy few that had nasty words and fake photos to share about her father’s passing. Zelda engaged these online bullies shortly before announcing her departure from social media saying she “Should have risen above [sic]”. As Zelda makes her return to social media, she is indeed letting the bullies know that they have not won and will not be tolerated.

Social media bullying is a problem that affects many, from the young to the old on the Internet. I am happy to see Zelda take a stand for what she believes in. In closing, something that may have been missed given all the controversy, Zelda posted a great passage in dedication of her father.

Have you ever encountered bullying on social media? What was your response to the bully? Do you feel that Zelda should have re-activated her social media accounts? Sound off in the comments section.