Zooey Deschanel Hairstyles 2012

Looking for a female celebrity whose hairstyles combine between the charm, glamour and cuteness to follow her leads this year? It seems that you want to get yourself a new look, don’t you?! Anyway, why don’t you take the famous singer and actress Zooey Deschanel as your role model? Yup, why not? Since the beginnings of 2012 till now, the adorable star has worn various cute, awesome and glamorous hairdos. For your info, that’s while both attending the different occasions and shooting the new season of the ‘New Girl’ series. I can tell that there’re some of you who may say secretly to themselves right now; ‘Hey, woman! Stop talking and get directly in the topic’s core! I want to know how she has worn her hair this year!’. Okay, you seem so curious to know! So let’s start! By the way, there’s an important thing you need to know which is her hair has been long since the year’s start and has gone nowhere from being long! But who knows? Maybe, she’s going to do like the others stars and chop it! Anyways, let’s stop guessing and begin the real work starting from the upcoming paragraph.

Can you expect that Zooey would forget about her love and admiration of wearing a loose flowing her? Of course not! Actually, you may say that the flowing down dos are of the most worn hairstyles by her this year. She has worn all of their styles starting from the shiny straight to stylish curly to soft wavy and all of them have looked gorgeous like usual or may be more! For your info, she has let her long hair flows down on her both shoulders in some times while sweeping it a side to flow on one shoulder in other times. However she has worn her flowing hair, she has looked astonishing and attractive! Besides the down dos, she has worn different styles of the ponytails as; low, mid height, side swept and faux ones. Of course, there’s no need to say that all of them have given her stunning, alluring, fabulous and eye catching look. But let me tell you that the last style has had very elegant and chic, yet glamorous look.

Deschanel has been seen wearing the half up half down hairstyles which have given her a truly adorable and stunning, yet eye catching look. In addition to all of the last mentioned hairdos, the talented star hasn’t forgotten to charm us with the updos! Unfortunately, she hasn’t opted for wearing them for many times, but let’s look at the bright side which is she has worn different styles of them. For example, she has worn a braided updo which has looked fabulous and stunning. Also, she has sported the high classic bun that has so chic look. Lastly, she has sported the volumized chignons which have combined between the retro-ness and modernity and that’s what gave them a definite classy and chic look. I have to tell you that those are all of the hairstyles worn by our adorable star this year at least that’s based on what i know! Anyways, before telling you goodbyes, I have to tell you two things. First of all, you have to know that stunning actress hasn’t forgotten to increase the cuteness and charm of her hairdos by adding the sweet accessories like headbands, clips and others. The second thing is that if you’re about to pick a hairdo of hers and wear it, remember to do so based on your face shape, hair type and style as well. Now, I can tell you that I’m done. So wish you great, nice day and definite fabulous look whenever, wherever and however!

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