The Zuhair Murad 2013 Spring/Summer Bridal Collection Excels in the Detail

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Zuhair Murad continues to prove why he is the expert of small details that will make your wedding dress unforgettable. The 2013 Spring/Summer Bridal Collection is a treat, with exquisite details that add a beautiful touch to the wedding gowns in the collection. Zuhair’s use of texture defines not only the bodice of several gowns in the collection, but also the skirt with ornamental silk flowers. This simple, but elegant touch draws eyes to the gown, in order to get a glimpse of more detail as the bride walks by. The collection features dramatic flamenco dancer cuts enhanced by large, layered bows on the back of the dresses, which complements the intensity of the design. If you are looking to make an unforgettable appearance, these gowns will do the trick.

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Beautiful lace designs, offset by sheer fabric and a high waist bow, make for a dramatic entrance, as the doors open to reveal the bride. This collection, made with an “all eyes on me” mentality, portrays how a bridal gown is the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony. If you love glitter, you are in for a treat with glitter-laden textured bodices, and lightly sprinkled skirts. The additional touch of the signature-slanted bow adds its own bit of magic to the collection. Encrusted jewels on the back of the gowns add a touch of sophisticated elegance that every woman will love. The challenge of the Zuhair Murad 2013 Spring/ Summer Bridal Collection is actually finding a gown that you do not want to take home with you immediately. Happy shopping ladies!

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