+23 Things That Can Only Happen In Russia

The world is a scary place. No wonder that every country has its own unique culture and habits. However, Russia sometimes shows how extreme things can get.  Here are things that could only ever happen in Russia. They are people who managed to enjoy life to the fullest despite the harsh circumstances that come with living in such cold weather.

Here, we have 24 pictures that will amaze the heck out of you.

1- Outdoors shower room at its finest.

Image Credit: Reddit

2- Skating Level: Pro

3- “I have the right to stay warm.”

4- “Downtown, please?”

5- Couple goals.

Image Credit: Aquachist

6- Walking down his pet.

7-  Hey, kitty.

8- “I woke up like this.”

Image Credit: Izismile

9- Unleash the model within.

Image Credit: Izismile

10- Drink, drink, drink.

11- Just setting your expectations.

12- Cucumber beauty baths.

13- Meet a bear in the woods. Stop, and take a selfie.

14- It must have been so precious to her.

15- Egypt what?

16-  Viva, Russia.

17- Photography goals.

18- “I am just gonna stay there until this bear leaves.”

19- I wonder how big is that baby.

20- Just a tour around the city.

21- H E L P.

22- Fall 2018.

23- Multi-tasking super hero.

Image Credit: Reddit

24- Just Chilling.

Image Credit: Reddit

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