24 Pictures of Adorable Puppies Sleeping in Daycare Center Storm the Internet

24 photographs of sleeping puppies in South Korean daycare center prove that there isn’t such a thing as too much cuteness. The internet loves them too…

South Korea used to have a rather upsetting reputation when it came to how their culture treated dogs, but it is so heart-warming to see that maybe there have been some major changes and that they are now not just being seen as wonderful pets, but that they genuinely deserve to be well looked after too. As if further proof were needed, the internet is buzzing with millions sharing these magical photographs taken at a South Korean daycare center for puppies called Puppy Spring.

Image Credit: puppyspring_

With so many Koreans working so hard and for long hours, they are not keen to leave their young dogs alone for lengthy periods of time, so, providing they are at least 12 weeks old, Puppy Spring will look after them for you while you are toiling away. This is just one of a number of new establishments popping up as they are proving to be a very popular solution to a frustrating problem that had previously stopped many people from having a dog as a pet.

Puppy Spring can take up to 30 puppies at a time, and as you can see from the 24 photographs we have of them during nap time, clearly they get plenty of exercises and do a lot of playing during the day as that is the only way we can imagine it would be possible to get them all to go to bed and stay still at the same time. These photographs are just so wonderful and leave you thinking what a wonderful place Puppy Spring must be to work in. There is certainly no chance of getting stressed looking after all these cute pups, that’s for sure.

So, do you think this might work where you live? Let us know in the comments section below.

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