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26 Creative Photoshop Edits Based on Redditors Requests

In 1988, Adobe published Photoshop for the first time, and since then, our world has never been the same. Created for editing photos, Photoshop has found its place, and it’s here to stay.

But who said Photoshop was just for business? The program is quite popular for minor edits. Is your eyeglass glare ruining your photo? Not anymore. Do you have this amazing photo but your eyes are so red that you look like the devil? Well, Photoshop can help. Is that it? No, it can do so much more. You have this amazing photo but it’s with your ex-boyfriend that you hate so much. Do you get rid of the photo? Of course, not. You edit him out of the photo. From deleting people you don’t like from photos to maybe visiting places you have never been to. With Photoshop, the sky is the limit.

Not everyone is great with Photoshop. On Reddit, there is this lovely group called Photoshop Requests where people ask Photoshop experts for help. The requests can be serious, funny, or totally out of the box. The Reddit community comes to the rescue fulfilling the weirdest of demands. There is this man who wanted to be photoshopped as Gulliver. And someone who wants a cat to breathe fire like a dragon. In this post, we’ve compiled some of the loveliest and most creative Photoshop requests.

#1 This redditor who wanted the cat to join a horror movie

Image Credit: Bluey_Jenkins
Image Credit: BeeM_hu

#2 This dude who wanted to go somewhere else and they sent him to the moon.

Image Credit: M_Moriarty
Image Credit: KillerMeemeStar

#3 This man who wants to join the magical world of Super Mario

Image Credit: noble_0ne
Image Credit: photoshop4others

#4 Someone who wanted to be in a Jurassic Park but one photoshop expert had better ideas

Image Credit: kdeville713
Image Credit: thespud_332

#5 We don’t know why this girl is crying, but after this photoshop edit, we can imagine

Image Credit: SeptemberEnded
Image Credit: modrocket205

#6 “Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars.” We never thought it could be true. This dog is a joker.

Image Credit: pc-accompt
Image Credit: DEL3TD

#7 This family of musicians who just had their youngest musician ever

Image Credit: evanrains
Image Credit: DrWankalot

#8 A Game of Thrones fan wanted Khaleesi, the cat, to sit on the Iron Throne

Image Credit: sugar0182
Image Credit: Reddit User

#9 This little girl who just discovered she has hands and the photoshop editor decided to give her something to think about

Image Credit: HMNONYMS
Image Credit: moldycheese17

#10 This dog who could easily pass as someone from the Victoria era

Image Credit: keyUsername
Image Credit: bwercraitbgoe

#11 This Star Wars fan who wanted those two dogs to join the force

Image Credit: Adamerson
Image Credit: i_am_a_bot_ama

#12 This redditor who wants the cat to go where it belongs: the jungle

Image Credit: greg22602
Image Credit: DicePirate

#13 This redditor who doesn’t dare put a hat on the cat without photoshop

Image Credit: Potatisodlarnen
Image Credit: fotosjopjes_ig

#14 This redditor who wanted the cat to turn into a dragon

Image Credit: SteiCamel
Image Credit: RunawayBulldozer

#15 This poster that looks so real you’d think those kids starred in Star Wars

Image Credit: DrScogs
Image Credit: Twoeggsanystyle

#16 This dog that has a place somewhere else. Maybe in the jungle as the king

Image Credit: KaptnKreamy
Image Credit: BlueMacaw

#17 Someone has better ideas for what Sandra Bullock is doing here and one photoshop editor made it come true

Image Credit: DileriousQ
Image Credit: SteliosKersd

#18 This little girl looks like she’s up to something. Ooooooooooops

Image Credit: solidgold17
Image Credit: Rowboatcop

#19 Redditors decided to give this squirrel an amazing photo

Image Credit: Reddit User
Image Credit: Phedericus

#20 Parents of this girl wanted to put her on top of a tank. They never expected it would be this tank

Image Credit: Edidel
Image Credit: BlueMacaw

#21 This little superbaby is having so much fun. Enjoying his costume and using it too

Image Credit: TeresaShip
Image Credit: cseraes

#22 And of course, this happened “While you were sleeping”

Image Credit: Big_AL79
Image Credit: yuri_dr

#23 One redditor wanted this cat to be skydiving but the edit turned out so much better

Image Credit: chicatsun
Image Credit: KaniSamaDaYo

#24 And this cat that just looks so good on an oil painting

Image Credit: Onesti
Image Credit: Coolness04

#25 This guy who wants to be photoshopped as Gulliver

Image Credit: benjiyon
Image Credit: SauceJP
Image Credit: SauceJP

#26 They want their daughter to look like she’s running away from a crime that she has just committed.The photoshop edits are hilarious

Image Credit: Chattert
Image Credit: JonBarradell

Image Credit: TossTheDog

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