30 Fab Photos Proving At 92, Baddie Winkle In The Hottest Grandma

Baddie Winkle, the 92-year-old grandmother proves that age is just a number and that she’s the hottest grandma on the internet with over 3 million followers.

Wow! How would you feel if Baddie Winkle was your grandma? Proud as punch would be our guess as this woman is beyond fantastic, not just for the way she looks, but because this is one grandma with a serious attitude. We’ve got 30 fab photos of this glamorous gran as proof she is not your usual pensioner who is content to sit at home, wearing a cardigan, and knitting something for her grandkids.

Image Credit: baddiewinkle

It all started in 2014 when Helen Ruth van Winkle (her real name) from Waco, Kentucky in the USA was on her farm and one of her granddaughters took a photo of her wearing cut-off shorts and a tie-dye tee-shirt and helped her set up an Instagram account. Helen had always had a rebel streak, and this was her chance to cast off the shackles of being a typical granny and she adopted the name Baddie as she felt she had always been a “bad b**ch”. As she posted more and more photos onInstagram, her popularity took off, to the point where her fans now include Rihanna and Miley Cyrus and she has over three million followers. Yes, that’s right, three million! Wow!

We think this woman is a genuinely true inspiration to anyone who might be “feeling their age” and her “zero f**ks given” attitude, as she calls it, is what gives her the courage and inspiration to wear outrageous and outlandish clothes at every opportunity. We think she should become a role model for anyone over a certain age (it is usually rude to mention a woman’s age, but Baddie Winkle doesn’t care about that) and she is proof that life is most definitely for a living!

Perhaps your grandma or grandpa is also a bit daring and trendy with their choice of clothing. If you’ve got any photos of them you’d like to share with us, upload them on our Facebook page, we’d love to see…

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