6 Beauty Trends That Need to Vanish Immediately

1) Glitter Roots

In the past, when girls dyed their hair and their roots grew, they would run to the salon and dye it back. Yet, in our present day, we now have glitter roots that girls all around the world went absolutely crazy over. Instead of going to the salon they cover their roots with a mix of glitter and hair pomade. To get this horrendous look they part their hair, apply the pomade near the scalp, and sprinkle glitter over the pomade to stick to the hair.

Image Credit: Michelle Hair

This trend is mostly popular for the holidays because it gives you a more festive look. However, it is messier that you may think. The thing about glitter is that it spreads everywhere and isn’t easy to be removed. Even after washing your hair you will find glitter in your it and your face for weeks. It’s not just how messy the glitter is, but the fact that it looks beyond anything that’s natural. We say bye-bye to this messy trend!

Image Credit: Sarah Michelle

2) Black Highlighter 

Kim Kardashian brought us the blessed gift of highlighting and contouring. Contouring adds depth and dimension to the hollows of the cheeks along the jawline, and at the temples. The highlighter is used to bring some glow to the cheekbones and the inner corner of the eyes and many other places on the face.

But some beauty gurus created something on the opposite side of highlighters. Black highlighters are a dark pigment that can be used instead of the regular highlighter but gives you an explicable look. What happened to makeup being solely for the purpose of accentuating your features? When did it turn into weird circus looks? We are all free to do what we please but this trend needs to end now.

Image Credit: Charity
Image Credit: Kelsey Stiegman
Image Credit: The Lipstick Duchess

3) Unicorn horn hair

Everyone loves unicorns. They are beautiful and magical creatures that everyone would love to have but we all know that they don’t exist. So, for now, people try to embrace it in a different way starting from unicorn nails to unicorn inspired lipstick and eyeshadow. We love unicorns, but what is this new hair trend?

We can admit that we were all up to this trend; yet, when it goes to the extent of wearing our hair as a unicorn horn, that means we have had enough of unicorns.The horn is created by wrapping your hair around the ponytail on top of your hair looping the hair around in a corn shape and it gives the form of a unicorn horn. And some actually add a styrofoam cone to their hair to give their hair more structure. If you ever think of creating this look, please think twice.

Image Credit: Kris
Image Credit: Tashy and Family

4) Rainbow Freckles 

Everyone now is wearing fake freckles from models to teenagers. This trend started from sprinkling fake tan on their faces, to products specifically made for applying fake freckles, and finally to the infamous rainbow colored freckles.

We can’t blame people for wanting cute freckles on their face; yet, this trend came out of hand. The red, blue, pink, and purple dots could be created by liquid lipstick and a tiny brush. While regular freckles were placed on the nose and cheeks, people were getting creative with the places they add those freckles. And the main purpose of the trend is to make it look as natural as possible. This brings us to the question: What is the purpose of rainbow freckles?

Image Credit: Mrs. Jom Ckinney
Image Credit: Barbara

5) Scorpion Manicure

For some time now, nails have become the main focus in fashion. If you browse through your apps on your phone, you will find many nail types, shapes, and tutorials. We have seen some crazy things throughout the years, but this one has definitely exceeded all levels of sanity.

Yes, it’s the scorpion manicure and yes, it uses real life scorpions!

This nail trend started in mexico. A woman named Lupita Garcia created the trend with the help of a friend who owns a nail salon. The scorpions are captured and glued to acrylic finger nails while the venom still exists inside them! Although a lot of people say it’s safe, we definitely will not risk having a venomous creature inside our nails. How about animal cruelty? Why would we kill a living creature just to blindly follow a new trend?

Coming in contact with a scorpion’s venom can cause intense swelling, sweat and  accelerating heart rate.They say beauty is pain, but not in this way!

Image Credit: Chelsey Marie
Image Credit: Anna Soto

6) Feather Brows

Every time a beauty trend goes viral, we can’t help but be amazed. But human beings never cease to astound us with their odd creativity.

Eyebrows on fleek are one of the main things that can make any girl feel perfect in a natural way. But this eyebrow trend was so shocking that it left our jaws dropped to the ground.

Its called feather eyebrows and it instantly became viral on Instagram. A make up artist called Stella, jokingly posted a picture of her feather brows and announced them as a trend .The makeup guru actually asked her followers to recreate those eyebrows. And the shocking part? People actually took her joke seriously!

But for us, nothing is better than perfectly brushed eyebrows.

Image Credit: Stella Sironen

Image Credit: Stella Sironen

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