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    41 Pictures Of Finland’s Mesmerizing Forests Will Have You Amazed

    When you think of Finland, a major Scandinavian country sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, what comes to mind? Lots of trees and forests, never-ending snow and over a month in winter when the sun never rises, and darkness lasts for 24 hours a day. Perhaps you think of the freezing cold and can’t picture anything […] More

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    Dramatic Horse Pretends To Be Dead Whenever People Try To Ride Him

    When most people climb onto a horse, their immediate fear is that the horse may gallop off, leaving them hanging on for dear life. Never, in your wildest dreams would you expect a horse to collapse underneath you and pretend to die, but then you haven’t met a horse called Jingang, from Mexico. Jingang is […] More

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    Meet Belarus, The Adorable Cross-eyed Cat

    The internet has gone crazy for yet another adorable furry creature – this time it’s Belarus, a cross-eyed cat that its new owner, Rachel, found at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Center in the USA. How could you not fall in love with such an adorable looking cat, even if you can’t be […] More

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    Man desperate to send letter draws map because he doesn’t have the address – amazingly it gets delivered!

    What are the chances of a letter being delivered if you draw a simple map of where the intended recipient lives, rather than their full postal address? Now imagine what the chances would be in a remote part of the Scandinavian island of Iceland. Well, despite there seeming to be very little chance of success, […] More

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    A Photographer Travels The World To Take The Best Dresses Shots You Will Ever See

    A Russian photographer experienced life in a surreal way. His perspective to colors made his photographs magical by juxtaposing fashion to grand vistas of nature. A modern kind of camouflage is being presented by the ultimate right choice of dresses and colors in combination to natural scenes and architecture. We have always witnessed the beauty of fashion […] More

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    A Fashion Blogger Shares Her Mother-Daughter Moments and They Are Nothing But Adorable

    “A daughter is a mother’s gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of her self.” – Victoria Secunda Nour Arida is a Lebanese fashion blogger behind the brand N For Nour, who shares her inspirations in fashion, trends, designers, lifestyle and more. Her stylish life is followed by almost a quarter […] More

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    +10 Heavenly Wedding Veils for Every Coming Bride

    You have probably already chosen your dream engagement ring and your heavenly wedding dress since you were a little girl playing with your dolls. However, most girls or brides, to be specific, tend to forget about the wedding veil. It is as important as the dress itself. A veil is a simple accessory, but it has the […] More

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    +20 Stunning Surreal Photographs Straight Out of Your Dreams

    Surrealist photographs, with their exquisite creations, have proven that visual art has no boundaries and the world of dreams and parallel universes are real. Through stunning Photoshop skills and a fairly untamed imagination, Justin Peters has presented us with these amazing photographs, caring for no logic or reason. Peters creates surreal scenes setting them up in real life. One example is a […] More

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    What Would Happen If Our Favorite Characters Just Grew Old? #7 is Adorable.

    Despite the fact that the characters and superheroes we know are immortal and timeless, the Russian artist, Lesya Guseva, used her vivid imagination and came up with these beautiful and epic illustrations picturing old aging superheroes. Lesya Guseva’s Instagram account has gained over than 28k followers in the last couple of days because of these illustrations having Spider-Man knitting with […] More

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    +13 Dads Took Parenting To A Whole Other Level

    In the honor of all fathers around the world, here is an album for Father’s Day, on June 17th, celebrating the real dads who are actually involved in the lives of their kids. Whichever way this father-kid love is shown, this love is always unconditional. With absolutely no doubt, a real man makes a good father. 1- A […] More

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    13 Simple Fashion Tricks That Make You Look Fancy On A Budget

    Your bank account is in the red? Need to look fashionable but cannot afford it? Looking fab is a not just some expensive pieces if you do not have the SWAG to rock it. It is just about how you can pull clothes off with the simplest and cheapest tricks.Here, we have some fashion tricks […] More

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    10 Bikinis You Need For 2018 Summer

    What is better than rocking your summer in a sexy Bikini? Yeah, nothing! We have chosen the sexiest, hottest, and trendiest bikinis that in our opinion can boost your self-confidence and make you have the summer of your life. Here are the best bikinis for you and where to find them: L*Space and Reversible Wild One Bikini […] More

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