A Spectacular Modern House Interior Design in Los Angeles

Located on the hills of Los Angeles, this modern house design blends so perfectly with its environment. Composed of succulent cactus plants, the landscape reminds of the American deserts; the house fits therefore perfectly in its panoramic view. It is the architectural office Aleks Istanbullu Architects which designed the project; the house includes many creative designing ideas as well as unique interior decorations. Starting outside, the house facade reflects a harmony between the minimalist and the natural decorating styles; this appears in the facade clean lines and the very geometric structure of the house which represents the minimalist side, while the green color used in different shades reminding of the plants is recalling the natural decorating style, which is excellent to suit with this fantastic California view. The entrance of the house consists of two huge glass doors which allow enjoying the superb outdoor view while being indoors, and add to the interior maximum luminosity while completing the minimalist look of the house facade. Stone and concrete used to cover the outdoor floor add a more stylish look to the whole. The house interior design and decoration are a continuation of the same style used outside which is mixing both the minimalist style with the natural ambience.

As you see, the whole interior is furnished with minimalist furniture in sleek lines sublimated by the natural atmosphere brought by the use of only earth colors in decoration; you will notice that all furniture, walls, floors and even accessory colors are around the shades of brown, beige, white and green, except for few touches of yellow that represent here the color of the sun, which also refers to the same ambience: nature. The spacious living room is furnished in a very simple way but looks very comfortable with its corner sofa, comfy armchair, and this huge library which is occupying a whole large wall from the floor to the ceiling. The kitchen, which is open to the living area, has a very minimalist design with furniture in very sleek lines in a chic brown color boosted by the yellow backsplash. The bedroom interior reminds you somehow of forests and the exotic atmosphere; maybe this is due to the tree brown furniture and the fur cushions & rugs. The bedroom looks actually super chic and super cozy with this unbelievable harmony between brown, beige, and white that makes you feel immediately comfortable while the yellow square paintings behind the bed bring sweet luminosity.

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