AHAVA Mineral Makeup Foundations and Powders

If you want to have a flawless looking face, apply the perfect make up for any occasion, then check out these AHAVA mineral make-up foundations and powders. AHAVA has a wide variety of foundations and powders so that you can apply the suitable type to every occasion you have. There are two types of AHAVA Mineral Makeup Foundations: Light Foundation and Rich Foundation. They will give you the creamy feeling that absorb well into your skin and provide your skin with the necessary dead sea minerals. The AHAVA Light foundation can go well in the morning giving you this all natural look that will just make you start your day without having this tired looking face. While the AHAVA Rich Foundation can be perfect in the evening to give you that rich glowing look which makes you look like a super star and covers all your day exhaustion giving you the perfect look. Now after you apply your foundation, try the AHAVA Mineral Makeup Powder, or just try it alone to get that one toned face all naturally. There are two types of AHAVA Mineral Makeup Powders: Loose Powder and Compact Powder. Choose the type that you like and that goes well with your skin to end your flawless skin face makeup. AHAVA Mineral Makeup Foundations and Powders are found in different colors like Terra, Sand, Clay and Dune so that it goes with all skin types and tones.

Clay color products:

Dune color products:

Terra color products:

Sand color products:

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