Alinéa Autumn/ Winter 2012/ 2013 Innovations

For its autumn/winter collection for 2012/ 2013, Alinéa presents 4 amazing trends in different inspirations to satisfy all tastes so everyone would find what they are looking for in terms of furniture and accessories according to their interior decorating style. The collection includes the trends “casual tweed”, “poetic spirit”, “Japan spirit” and “free fun time”. Let’s discover these awesome trends in pictures from the new Alinéa collection. “Casual Tweed” is a range of furniture & accessories that will be ideal to take refuge inside it when temperature goes down. This style is simple and architected and is associated with rich materials and sober colors. It will include, for example, a brown leather sofa adorned with a beautiful patina.

“Japan Spirit” is a clever mix of minimalism and sophistication that offers delicate patterns and pretty colors inspired by Japanese prints. This style is particularly printed on textiles; cushions, curtains, and rugs which will give life to your living room or bedroom. For Alinéa, an urban interior can also take a poetic look. The brand offers for this style the range “Poetic Factory” which includes simple furniture made of craft materials to provide a timeless style. Raw wood blends with brushed metal elements and the total look seems to tell a story in a poetic ambience and sensitive decoration. Because decoration is kind of fun, Alinéa offers a very joyful range of furniture and accessories called “Free fun time”; the decor in this range is so graphic, colorful, and without complexes with original paintings, funny ottomans, and colorful storage units.

At Alinéa, you will find many accessories that allow you to express your personality through your home decoration. If you like originality, you’ll like these vases in artistic lines, and if you love Asia and Zen philosophy, you will choose to decorate your home with Buddha statues. Kids are not left without a collection of furniture from Alinéa dedicated especially for them. To make children feel happy, Alinéa offers them very cute versions of furniture that look like the furniture of their parents, but with a more playful touch like this chair in delicious pink. As we always say; bed linen sets the tone for the bedroom decoration, this is also the case for kids’ bedrooms. Alinéa presents for kids’ rooms bed linen with funny motifs that will surely develop their imagination with cartoon characters and joyful colors.

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