Alinéa Christmas Collection of Home Accessories

Alinéa presents for this Christmas a stunning collection of home accessories inspired by nature & animals with a variety of fabulous items that will add to your home an attractive and very charming ambience in Christmas. Alinéa new collection for Christmas includes many interesting items like candle holders, suspensions, kitchen utensils as well as other decorative accessories that can match with any home interior style. Animals are the main inspiration source in this collection; we can see a lot of decorative items clearly inspired by animals usually related to Christmas like deers, penguins, and owls designed in funny & attractive shapes to add a more pleasant atmosphere and a convivial spirit to your Christmas home decoration. Instead of the traditional Christmas balls, Alinéa offers animal models completely transparent, in sparrow shapes, or hiding inside of them the head of a deer—so delicate, so elegant. Even for minimalist interiors, Alinéa presents Christmas decorative items that will fit perfectly in even the most minimalist houses; these beautiful owls in sleek designs and grey or white colors are what I am talking about!

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