Amazing Kids and Teen Room Design Ideas by Asdara

When you have kids, you want to please them in all possible ways. Their rooms are a big part of their personality where they have to spend a lot of time whether sleeping, studying, or having friends. Thus, when it comes to designing your kid’s room, great care must be taken, and you have to consider various aspects. A kid’s room must be comfortable, cheerful, practical, and decorative. Every aspect of these is really important and will certainly reflect on your kid. That’s why you have to utilize the space of the room to get all necessary furniture, all while keeping on the decorative touch and leaving quite space so that your kid can move freely, this also prevents the feeling of a bulky room. And to give the room that special touch, choose your kid’s favorite color, and paint the room with it to make the room really cozy for him. Asdara, the amazing Spanish furniture company, is totally aware of how to design a kid’s room in a way that gathers all the important aspects combined in a stunning way. In this collection, we will show you various design ideas presented by Asdara to inspire you, and give you a lot of ideas to choose what goes with the space you have, and what suits your kid’s personality and preference.

Furniture is the first think to consider, including the bed, closet, desk, and maybe a side table and shelves for storage. Nowadays, many designs go for practical furniture, that’s why you can see loft beds a lot in kids’ rooms because they really save space, and are favored by kids because of the unique playful designs they give that are so suitable for teens. You can have one unit that combines the closet, loft bed, shelves, and studying desk in a smart decorative way which makes using every part easy and organized. Some sets have the ability of folding the bed when it is not used that will save a lot of space. Bunk beds are also the smartest to use if you have two kids sharing the same room, or if your kid always has friends sleeping over. Bunk beds occupy a minimum of space, and are very useful as they take the space of one bed while seizing the height of the room, and a ladder is often used for the kid to reach the upper bed. A ladder is also used in case of placing the bed of the room at a height above the closet, and to make good use of the space, stairs might be placed instead of the ladder, and they are used as storage boxes at the same time. Bench beds are also seen in this collection to be used as a bed, and a lower bed can be found also in which a mattress is placed on a shelf that can be opened when you need an extra bed, or closed during the day.

Bench beds also come with drawers for storage. A bed on wheels is always another smart way because it allows you to move the bed very easily and put it anywhere when it is not used to get more free space. Since kids always have a lot of stuff, shelves are very useful especially the ones hung against the wall because they don’t occupy much space while being very useful, and you can store a lot of stuff on them like books, photo frames, or even add some decorative items like portraits or vases to give a nice touch. Rugs are always amazing, when you get them in a color matching with the walls or the furniture, or maybe in a contrasting color, they can really change the look of the room and make it more lively and cheerful. In addition, since this room is made for a teen, don’t be afraid to play with colors, you can use more than one color in the same room. If you have a chest of drawers, you can have each one in a different color, just make sure the colors match with each other and complement the decorative side of the room.

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