Amazing Makeup Storage Ideas

Women and girls always have lots of makeup, foundations, powders, mascara, eye shadows, lip shiner, nail colors, blusher, and many more. If they weren’t put in an organized way, they can really make a mess, and make finding anyone of them a really hard task. That’s why you should really consider storing your makeup somewhere that keeps it organized and easily reached. We are presenting you here some amazing makeup storage ideas that will really help you out. If you don’t want any distraction, and want to clearly see all your makeup and make it easily shown, then a crystal clear organizer, that has several levels and drawers, is the best for you. These organizers are divided into many slots where you can put your different makeup tools in a neat way that makes everything easily think at a glance. These organizers also look really chic and pure; they can be put anywhere. IKEA offers Godmorgan Makeup Organizer which doesn’t occupy a lot of space, and can be put in the drawer of your dresses. It includes various slots for tubes, mascaras, foundations, and everything. A lot of other companies offer you other different organizers with various designs, slots, and drawers. If you don’t love the idea of having a crystal clear organizer, you can check out PBteen’s makeup organizers; they come in opaque white color with two levels, and can carry all your makeup tools in a chic organizer. If you want something to carry your makeup in, try a wire caddy that can come in more than one color. Other from this one, there are many other ideas shown here, like containers that have several trays, or drawers which can hold great numbers and big sizes. Makeup cases can be very useful too; they don’t take much space and have inner divisions and slots for everything. They can also be easily transported if you are travelling and want to take all your makeup with you.

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