Amazingly Organized White Apartment in Brazil

As we’ve always tried to prove to you that your small apartment can still be an inviting place to live in, we’re presenting you a white apartment in Brazil that is amazingly organized to make every space perfect. White makes the apartment spacious and makes it easy to add whatever color or style you want anywhere. The lounge area is perfectly divided to serve as a living room, a dining set and a quiet reading corner. Although all of this is included in the same room, but the space is well delineated. The kitchen is simple but totally integrates everything you need using cabinets with built-in spaces to gather all appliances in such confined space, and it also includes a small dining set for quick meals. Minimalism is clearly seen in the bathroom and the bedroom which makes them comfortable and supplied with what’s necessary. The amazing thing about this small apartment is the simple color accents found that are seen through the chairs in the kitchen or those of the dining set, and the use of wood makes a perfect match with the white ambiance. This apartment is totally simple but definitely perfect!

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