Amethyst Rings for Women

Amethyst is a type of quartz that has a unique violet color. Amethyst has been long used in jewelry for its hardness that is like quartz and for the great color and shine it gives. Amethysts have been favored by all women, different amethyst jewelry are often used by all women. Amethyst rings will give you a great look and a shiny eye taking color as soon as you wear it. Amethyst are also found as green amethyst, giving another light green color of the gemstone amethyst that also gives a colored ring with a great light color. Amethysts are added to different rings; like yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver rings. The gemstone can be seen in the rings with different cuts, and diamonds or beads can be added to the ring to add shine and style to the gemstone. The price of an amethyst ring can vary according to the size of the amethyst, the type of ring used and the presence of diamonds. Once you check the collection, you will certainly want to buy one.

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