Angelina Jolie Hairstyles

If you a fan or you’ve been keeping track of Angelina Jolie then you’ll notice the big change & transformation that happened to her over the years that mostly appeared in her hairstyles but affected her whole look & appearance, she turned from a tomboy to a sexy wild girl into her current camera ready feminine ladies look that shows grace & style. In her first look she had a pixie & a buzz with black hair; she spiked it & parted from sides as a repelling statement, & after that, came the blonde bob followed by long hair, then she dyed her hair black for tomb raider & kept its length, then there was the short bob that she wore it like Marilyn Monroe; in the color, wave & length then she returned to black. The current hairstyle she’s having, is the long wavy layered hair with loose bouncy curls or straightened, while shifting between two colors; copper & chocolate, with the occasional subtle highlights & lowlights that gives it life & texture, with wispy bangs & side swept bangs that covers her forehead that she sometimes pulls it back with her hair. You’ll see Angelina in many hairstyles that are both elegant & voguish from loose messy updos, side swept hair, half-updos with pumped up crowns or face framing strands, brushed back tight top knots & in other times textured & teased top knot. In those hairstyles she’s using her facial features to create the perfect hairstyle that makes you look sexy & elegant.

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