Attractive Pop Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

If the minimalist decorating style is characterized by the sleekness of lines and the coldness of colors, the pop style is completely the opposite. This decorating style inspired by the atmosphere of pop singers, is dedicated to the fans of daring colors who love to be surrounded, in their homes, by vibrant colors and cheerful ambiances. For them, we present this collection that includes many inspirational ideas for a pop living room full of dynamism and vitality; take a look. If you decide to decorate your interior using the pop style, you must never fear to mix daring colors together; this is the secret of pop interior designs. In a pop living room, don’t hesitate to add yellow cushions to your red sofa, for example, or to add an orange coffee table with a purple sofa.

The advantage of the pop style is that it is one of the easiest decorations to apply, even if you do already have a living room in dark or neutral shades, you can give it a whole new look using some cushions with pop motifs, changing curtains into ones in bright colors, or adding a rug in flashy colors and some decorative items having the character of the pop style… and that’s it; you’ve got a completely new living room that’s more dynamic & refreshing without changing your furniture. Sometimes, in black & white living rooms, it’s better to add few pop touches to refresh the mood and to give the ordinary black & white look more vitality; it’s enough to add few cushions in pop patterns and maybe some colorful paintings on the white wall so your black & white living room doesn’t turn boring.

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