Awesome Baby Toys from IKEA

Having babies means buying lots of stuff; it’s like an equation or something. Toys are an essential thing to buy for your baby, because babies need to find lots of stuff around them to play with. IKEA presents awesome baby toys that your baby will love. All toys come in vibrant colors and are made of the best materials that won’t harm your baby. IKEA presents baby toys for different ages. You’ll find toys for newborns, 6+ month-, 12+ month-, and 18+month- old babies. Check out the toys and get the perfect one for your baby’s age. IKEA’s been really smart with offering every baby at each age what’s really beneficial for him/her.

For newborns, IKEA presents some soft Toys in different shapes like animals, balls, balloons and more. Because newborns don’t really understand what’s going on around them and they have very soft skin, so they just need something soft and cute to play with. All soft toys are made of 100% polyester to be tender on the skin of your baby.

At 6+ months, babies begin to think and have some imagination; IKEA offers Soft Toys like a toy that includes blocks that the baby builds to complete a certain shape; this toy is great to stimulate your baby’s senses and imagination. Another one is a play book that is also a soft toy that is playful and includes various motifs, sounds, and activities that will be very fun for your baby and also stimulate his senses. For more simulation, IKEA also presents toys where your baby sorts different shapes or adds cups into a rod. All toys are full of colors to stimulate your baby’s sight.

Another age stage is when your baby is 12+ months old; a year old! At that age, you baby is old enough to play with toys or move around everywhere, IKEA presents a Toddler Wagon where you can place your baby and move around, this one is very fun for your baby and makes you take him/her with you while moving in the house, and your baby can also move with it when he/she can walk alone. You’ll also find a rod and stacking rings that come in different colors that he/she can stack according to their size as the rod decreases in size upwards. Finally, there’s a crane with blocks that will be an amazing toy for your one year old or older baby; your baby can place or displace blocks, in the crane, that have specific places for each block design.

Finally, for 18+ month old babies, IKEA presents Toys full of thoughts and creation. One of the toys is a toy cart that the baby fills with various blocks of different shapes to make them all fit in it, and other toys need logic and thus are very useful for your baby. All toys are made of safe materials and are full of colors.

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