Baroque Curtain Ideas for a Chic Interior Decoration

The baroque decorating style is a very elegant compromise of the classic style with a little bit of modernity; this style has got a big success recently for its luxury effect that’s not too traditional. If the Baroque style is no longer trendy as in the total look of the house, baroque-inspired accessories especially baroque curtains still find their place in a more classical decoration. Here are some tips to show you how to use baroque curtains to decorate the house. For baroque-inspired curtains, choose a model that’s printed with curved motifs because this patterned style is distinguished by its sophisticated touch while being up-to-date. These motifs are usually in large size and settle on the entire fabric. For a truly Baroque style, choose a very thick fabric like velvet and sumptuous colors like red, gold or very bright black. To associate the baroque curtains with a more contemporary style, choose a trendy color in more natural hues such as gray, white, beige, etc. The idea is to use a palette of colors that allow mitigating the pattern to soften the total look; thus, it can easily be used in classic interiors, and contemporary or romantic styles by choosing this motif only for curtains that will effectively boost the windows.

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