Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Femininity, delicacy & elegance, these are what women want, and Bibhu Mohapatra could satisfy them by his new collection. By offering a wide range of subtle & elegant cocktail dresses and evening gowns, the designer could clearly prove his talent. Inspired by the sixties elegance, the Indian designer presented beautiful cocktail dresses in soft & natural colors such as grassy green, plum purple, sky blue, soft pink, and dusk black. Cocktail dresses & evening gowns were made of printed silk, chiffon & organza. The present were fascinated by the beautiful grass-green column gown with a big jeweled brooch at the shoulder. It wasn’t a surprise; the use of embroidered detailed designs, in fact, it was convenient with the feminine look that was dominating in the collection. Daywear mainly consisted of zip-front tops with silk-linen short skirts. Mohapatra combined between the formal & casual look in the same design, where a dusk black sheer stripe top worn with a striped linen skirt clearly reflected this combination. Mohapatra said he wanted to offer women a comfortable feeling in his “day-to-night” pieces; those are ensembles that could be worn at both day and night & would be perfect for many working women. Mohapatra added to his collection some feminine accessories such as round framed sunglasses, black belts, wool hats, and tulle underskirts.

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