Bra Guide by Victoria’s Secret

Now it’s time to know how to pick your bra as at least 50% of women wear the wrong bra size, here are Victoria’s 2 secrets; 1- style ” you should always know what do you need from your bra to do to your cleavage & bust, if you want the reveal then pushups & demi-cups are your friends, for concealing you’ll need the wireless bras or full coverage bras but if you want to mix it up then multi ways are the answer.”, 2- shape “which is determined by what kind of look you want for your breasts –unlined for smooth look, lightly lined for medium support & more natural look or IPEX padding for no-nipple show through- & what kind of lift you’re looking for –subtle, moderate, dramatic, extreme- this way you’ll find your right match”. If you don’t know if your bra is the right fit then you need to know the fit solutions, first check the back band because if moves up or down as you wear it for long time & you already adjusted the closure to a tighter hook then you should try a smaller band size, but if it bulges slightly then you should loosen it or go up a band size to get some space, the same logic applies to the shoulder straps in case they slip down or mark your shoulder. For the cups, if they overflow or feel constricting then you should try the next cup size but if there’s a gap or pucker then try to tighten the band or go down a cup size, the underwire also should sit on your ribcage without rubbing you or giving you any discomfort, but if it happened then go up a cup size.

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