Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

We all love and appreciate you, but not as much as black women! By the way, I’m not talking to you at all, my precious readers. Yeah, I’m talking to the braid hairdos! Very weird and sort of crazy introduction, isn’t it?! Definitely, it is, but can you deny that it’s eye catching? Whatever it is! Let’s start doing what we came to do, which is mentioning the popular braided hairstyles among the African American women. But before doing so, let me clarify why I said the first sentence in the previous section. I said so because braids aren’t just sexy and stylish hairdos for black women. As besides being so, these ‘dos can be considered a deeply rooted part of their heritage! And that’s why there’re more styles of braided hairstyles in front of the afro woman to pick from and sport. How so? Ladies focus with me. There are the traditional styles besides the other ones that we all know. If you’re curious to know what these and those are, you can simply read on!

Cornrows are from the most popular, traditional braid hairstyles among the African American women. To create them, women have to braid their hair very close to the scalp using an underhand, upward motion. Although this process seems to be so easy and simple, it needs great effort and time to be done. Besides cornrows, the black beauties can opt for wearing either the pixie or micro braids, which are so trendy and known by their sexy look. I know that there are some of you who might say “what’s the difference? They are the same!” Okay, let’s admit that they have things in common, such as; both of them are nothing but tiny English braids and can last for weeks. But there’s still a difference, which is that the pixie braids are smaller than the micro ones.

Also, the African women can opt for wearing the box braid and kinky twist hairdos, which are from the traditional styles too. Concerning the first ones, you need to know that they are obtained by braiding 3 or 4 hair strands in a way that creates the shape of a box. On the other hand, concerning the kinky twists, they’re done by weaving two parts of the hair together into tight spirals. You have to know that both of these ‘dos can last for weeks if, and only if, they’re maintained properly. In addition to all of the last mentioned spectacular and fashionable, traditional hairstyles, the black bombshells can opt for wearing the other styles of braids such as; the fishtail and French ones. What can prevent them? Actually nothing!

By reaching that far, I can tell you that we’re done. Yup, finally! Wait, there’re 3 important things that you have to know. The first thing is that whatever your hair length is, short, medium or long, you can find the suitable braided hairdo for you, especially among the traditional styles. The second one that you need to know is that there are two options in front of you. The first one is to wear fully braided hair and style it in any way you want, while the second option is to mix your braids with any of the other hairdos such as; the straight ‘dos, curly ‘dos, ponytails, buns, etc. The third thing that you must do is take your facial shape, hair texture and personal style into consideration while picking your hairdo. I guess that now is the perfect time to say goodbyes and wish you a gorgeous and charming look everywhere!

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