Burberry Kids’ Clothing

One of the most magnificent collections this year is Burberry Kids’ Clothing collection for spring/summer 2011. You will love this classy collection; it contains a wide range of wonderful kidswear in different models and original designs for both girls and boys. For girls, the collection includes a lot of amazing mini dresses, mini skirts, t-shirts, blouses, pants and shorts as well as some hats. Mini dresses of this collection are maybe the best this season; the sleeveless dress with fluffy skirting in stylish Burberry pattern matching with the pink top is very cute and has a classy look. Mini skirts are available in Burberry pattern but not necessarily in its traditional colors (beige, grey & red), there are also different colors like this beautiful skirt in white, light green and light pink. Skirts are decorated with two little front leather belts in matching colors. Very nice blouses and shirts are presented in soft white with Burberry pattern just on sleeves or collars. There are some lovely cotton hats in stylish looks to protect your baby girl from the sun on the beach; hats are having the fisherman style with or without a nice ribbon around the head. For boys, Burberry presents a big variety of shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, vests, pants and shorts as well as hats and sportive sets. Shirts are available in both short and long-sleeved styles, whether in Burberry pattern or not, they all look very chic and trendy. T-shirts are original this season; most of them are plain with a small square or circle print on chest whether for Burberry pattern or other cool prints. All Burberry kids’ products are 100% made of cotton. In this collection, Burberry didn’t forget newborns; for them, the famous brand presents a nice variety of bodysuits and sets 100% made of soft cotton in tender pink and white colors. In the newborns’ collection, we find the Burberry pattern just on sleeves or collars especially in bodysuits. Sets are composed of cotton top & pants; the top is like the bodysuit: in white color with Burberry pattern only on sleeves and collar while the pants are entirely in Burberry pattern; sets are so pretty for girls. Bodysuits and sets are available in sizes from 1 to 18 months.

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