Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy for Women

Feel extra special with Caroline Herrera perfumes as she creates every perfume with delicacy so that every woman would feel the love that could lift her up, with the sexy ingredients that make boost your appeal making you more desirable & wanted in every move you. As Carolina Herrera described their scent that’s designed to provide seduction it’s made of a seductive blend of captivating tangerine, bergamot & rose pepper sprinkled with floral petals, gardenia, sandalwood & hints of cotton candy warmed with 212 musk & Vanilla.
Its desire packed in a bottle & a body lotion that will drive him crazy & make every woman jealous; it’s the perfect evening eau de toilette that will give your night a whole new meaning with its sugary sexy scent, it’ll even inspire your life & make you get in touch with your deep feminine side. If you’re a tomboy & looking to keep your style but have the sexy scent that still shows off your lady like essence, or even if you’re a girly girl or a feminine woman but you want to enhance your femininity then you should also try 212 sexy the perfume or the lotion, because it’s for everyone.

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