Castorama Furniture Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 Collection

The new furniture collection for fall/ winter 2012/ 2013 from Castorama is characterized by a retro atmosphere inspired by the fifties style in furniture and decorative accessories. Since the retro decorating style became lately a very fashionable style that is used in modern interiors, then this collection from Castorama will not only satisfy those people who have nostalgia for old times, but also the fans of trendy interior decoration. Here is a new innovation from Castorama presented in this new collection; a headboard in raw wood composed of many frames in a collage way to expose your best memories in your bedroom while customizing your headboard in a very original way.

In the design that Castorama showed for a retro living room, we see a splendid ambience; the look is both chic and casual, recalling the 70s with Coca Cola ads on the walls, cushions decorated by pictures of Converse shoes, suspensions with exposed bulbs and a mixture of bright colors full of character like macaw blue, lagoon green and black. For teenager rooms, Castorama offers very attractive bedroom designs full of energy and freshness with a mixture of daring colors in furniture, wallpaper and decorative accessories to give the teen’s room a stylish character.

Kitchens in Castorama new collection take an unbelievably original look with wall furniture that takes the shapes of elegant dressing tables instead of ordinary kitchen cabinets! The look is absolutely unique and irresistible thanks to these feminine touches that appear in the curved details; feminine colors like fuchsia, and the pretty lady picture in the Coca Cola ad on the wall. And for even more innovation, the kitchen cupboards have slate facades so you can customize them every day in a different way by writing funny messages, for example.

Even the WC looks very decorative at Castorama fall/ winter collection; the wallpaper with patterns for frames is a funny way to customize the wall using photos and the red door in slate invites all family members to write ridiculous messages which brings more fun to this very original look. To meet the desire for nature & softness that arise in us after the summer vacation, the dining room is adorned with a light wooden table, surrounded by linen curtains with plant motifs. The upholstered cushions make chairs look very comfortable, and the tiny plant pots decorating the table are giving the whole room an amazing look full of charm & sweetness.

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