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    +13 Dads Took Parenting To A Whole Other Level

    In the honor of all fathers around the world, here is an album for Father’s Day, on June 17th, celebrating the real dads who are actually involved in the lives of their kids. Whichever way this father-kid love is shown, this love is always unconditional. With absolutely no doubt, a real man makes a good father. 1- A […] More

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    +10 Comic Strips That Hilariously Describe The Difference Between Having Your first And Second Child

    Weng Chen, a Chinese comic artist living in Seattle and a mother of two, recently went viral on Facebook with her hilariously relatable comics about the difference between having your first and second child. She made a series that any parent would be able to relate to. Take a look at them and let us know […] More

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    Mila Is The Best Representative For The Young Generations

    With the daily changes taking place around us every day, our kids are developing and transforming to cope with them. We bet that you remember how simple your childhood was and how an innocent child you were when you talk to one of today’s young ones. Young yet strong We couldn’t describe it better. This […] More

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    This Baby With Her Hair Rollers Is Capturing People’s Hearts

    Looking for something cute to warm your heart and restore your faith in magic? Here are some of the most adorable photos you will ever come across. Learn how to pause for the camera from this baby.. The famous and professional photographer Jessie Marrero takes these cute photographs of newly born babies to emphasize what she calls […] More

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    18 Newborn Baby Photo-shoot Fails That Will Crack You Up

    How hard can a photo shoot be? That’s what these parents thought before having the experience of doing so with their newborn babies. Although babies are adorable, they aren’t afraid to pee or poo anywhere, so these babies chose the worst timing to let it all out. We put together this group of photos which […] More

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    This Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Are Friendship Goals

    Searching for more evidence that dogs are man’s best friend? Look at these photographs illustrating the friendship of Mame the one-year-old Japanese girl with her pet poodle, Riku. Mame’s Grandma documents all their moments on Instagram where the two friends have become very popular and loved. Since their first post, these two have managed to capture the […] More

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    This is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids Alone For 5 Minutes

    When you are a parent, silence is a double-edged weapon. It could mean that your kids are either sleeping or doing something naughty. But when the silence appears suddenly, you start to smell something fishy. Because being a parent is surely the hardest job in the world, we got you some examples of what can happen […] More

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