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    13 Simple Fashion Tricks That Make You Look Fancy On A Budget

    Your bank account is in the red? Need to look fashionable but cannot afford it? Looking fab is a not just some expensive pieces if you do not have the SWAG to rock it. It is just about how you can pull clothes off with the simplest and cheapest tricks.Here, we have some fashion tricks […] More

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    +15 Hot Cosplays That Took The Internet By Storm

    Kiera Please, a 21 year old Virginia native, is a cosplayer and internet star, that has captivated the internet with her incredibly accurate cosplaying. Previously, She was a lifestyle star on Instagram, mostly posting fashion and beauty photos, until the hashtag challenge of #28DaysofBlackCosplay started, she decided to dive into the world of cosplay headfirst. As a result, she […] More

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    10+ Comics That Every Girl Will Relate To!

    There is no doubt that all girls around the world share the same feelings in many situations. Female connection is stronger than you think. Get to know it! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 You can see more from this artist on her Facebook or Instagram page. More

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    17 Inspiring Before And After Photos Of People Who Won The Battle Against Eating Disorder

    According to Mental Health Foundation, it is said that between 600,000 and 725,000 people in the UK suffer from an eating disorder. Eating disorders, such as anorexia, are considered serious mental health problems. Fighting an eating disorder is never as easy as it seems. To most of us, eating is just a natural process, but […] More

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    7 Reasons To Drink Water Right After Waking Up

    We have always been told that drinking water boosts our energy and makes us feel fresher, more sparkling, and healthier. But not all of us know that the time of drinking    water during the day can control its benefits and advantages. While drinking water throughout the day is essential, experts have recommended that drinking two glasses of […] More

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    Missguided Diverse Mannequins With Stretch Marks, Vitiligo And Freckles!

    Missguided (a bold, forward thinking fashion brand) is breaking barriers as part of their #KEEPONBEINGYOU campaign. The brand prides itself on having a mission to empower females globally, to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be. Since that their aim is all about empowerment, they introduced new mannequins from different ethnicities at […] More

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    Ice-Cream Pastels – Spring/Summer 2018 Hottest Trend!

    Ice-cream pastels dominated SS18 catwalks, the romantic colors were almost at every show and we’re not mad about it! The best way to describe the joyful hues would be by quoting Victoria Beckham backstage at her show “They’re ice cream colors but it’s not too sweet or saccharine”. The beautiful Gelato colors were introduced to us […] More

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    A Flower-Bride 400 Feet Above The Moab Desert

    The American Couple’s Surreal Wedding Photos Will Make Your Heart Melt. The Moab Desert in Utah, USA has witnessed one of the raddest wedding photo-shoots ever. Be it the desert where they first met has given the event a magical, romantic and dreamy glow. The American couple, Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin, has tied the knot and said “I […] More

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    Gucci, What are you thinking?

    Gucci’s Fall 2018 Gucci is taking the runway, not to another level this time, but to a completely another dimension, as Milan has witnessed recently a bizarre Fall-Winter 2018 show that has strutted down everyone. The designer, Alessandro Michele, has accessorized his models with entities out of this world. A model holding a dragon pet, […] More

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    13+ Hysterical Animal Fails That Will Crack You Up.

    An Animal A Day, Keeps Sadness Away: Animals are funny, and what’s even funnier, is that they do not really mean to be. Even when they fail, they tend to do so very gloriously. Here, we have collected fails of those clumsy creatures trying to make their way through the human world. These are evidence how an […] More

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