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    Man desperate to send letter draws map because he doesn’t have the address – amazingly it gets delivered!

    What are the chances of a letter being delivered if you draw a simple map of where the intended recipient lives, rather than their full postal address? Now imagine what the chances would be in a remote part of the Scandinavian island of Iceland. Well, despite there seeming to be very little chance of success, […] More

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    +20 Stunning Surreal Photographs Straight Out of Your Dreams

    Surrealist photographs, with their exquisite creations, have proven that visual art has no boundaries and the world of dreams and parallel universes are real. Through stunning Photoshop skills and a fairly untamed imagination, Justin Peters has presented us with these amazing photographs, caring for no logic or reason. Peters creates surreal scenes setting them up in real life. One example is a […] More

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    +13 Dads Took Parenting To A Whole Other Level

    In the honor of all fathers around the world, here is an album for Father’s Day, on June 17th, celebrating the real dads who are actually involved in the lives of their kids. Whichever way this father-kid love is shown, this love is always unconditional. With absolutely no doubt, a real man makes a good father. 1- A […] More

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    13 Simple Fashion Tricks That Make You Look Fancy On A Budget

    Your bank account is in the red? Need to look fashionable but cannot afford it? Looking fab is a not just some expensive pieces if you do not have the SWAG to rock it. It is just about how you can pull clothes off with the simplest and cheapest tricks.Here, we have some fashion tricks […] More

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    Could Simba And Nala Be Half-Siblings? My Childhood Is Ruined.

    We all know that Simba and Nala are one of the most romantic couple in Disney history. It is also well known that Simba’s dad is Mufasa. However, Nala’s dad is a mystery. Despite all your childhood memories, a lot of facts point at Scar. Here are some proved facts for this theories. 1- Nala […] More

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    +15 Hot Cosplays That Took The Internet By Storm

    Kiera Please, a 21 year old Virginia native, is a cosplayer and internet star, that has captivated the internet with her incredibly accurate cosplaying. Previously, She was a lifestyle star on Instagram, mostly posting fashion and beauty photos, until the hashtag challenge of #28DaysofBlackCosplay started, she decided to dive into the world of cosplay headfirst. As a result, she […] More

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    +10 Pets Copying Their Humans, Guaranteed to Make You Laugh!

    “I think my dog might actually be a human trapped in a dog’s body” was what Liam Rice said before unknowingly starting a trend on twitter by sharing pictures of him and his adorable husky Luna copying his expressions. People instantly started interacting with the now viral tweet, sharing pictures of themselves twinning with their […] More

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    This Travelling Cat and Dog Go Across the World Together, and Their Pictures Are Adorable

    For a cat and a dog to a share  the couch is no longer a big deal, however, this adorable duo is travelling around the world with their mom and owner, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend. Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are keen hikers, but they realized they needed more company. Back in 2014, they […] More

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    +23 Things That Can Only Happen In Russia

    The world is a scary place. No wonder that every country has its own unique culture and habits. However, Russia sometimes shows how extreme things can get.  Here are things that could only ever happen in Russia. They are people who managed to enjoy life to the fullest despite the harsh circumstances that come with living in such […] More

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