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Get the inspiration you need for your home design including all rooms of the house plus ideas on lighting, walls & floors, window treatments & DIY decorating ideas.

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    27 Inspiring Home Ideas for Millionaires

    With cash in abundance, these inspiring ideas for your home would all be possible! Enjoy 27 individual ideas to add style as you dream of what could be….. More

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    Fantastic 3D Galaxy Bedding Sets

    The discovery of new constellations millions of light years away has opened up a whole new world, for the designer, Jail Betray, on the bed linen front. More

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    Terrific Kitchen Storage Ideas

    A cook can always use more kitchen storage space, and you’ll love these new options that tuck spices, utensils, and supplies away in style. More

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    IKEA Catalog 2015

    IKEA’s eagerly awaited catalog for 2015 scores well yet again on the innovative style front, while this time concentrating on bathrooms and bedrooms. More

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    Elegance in Texas at the Southlake Residence by Jauregui Architects

    This stunning home and outdoor entertaining area by Austin, Texas’s Jauregui Architects, is located on three acres that host their own meandering creek as well as an inviting pool and spa. As the architects describe it, “The elegant open floor plan features movable glass walls at the great room, dining, kitchen, breakfast and game room […] More

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