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    13 Photos That Show All Animals Are Cute and Not Just Cats and Dogs

    There’s always an ongoing battle between dog lovers and cat lovers over which is cuter than the other. Cats are royal creatures with how they sit, stand, and move. Dogs are loyal. They are capable of loving their owners unconditionally. Cats are independent. That’s why we love them. Dogs will do anything for us. Dog […] More

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    This is Why Big Poppa is Feeling Really Sad

    Human beings and dogs crave connection and bonding. We love to be with other people, to engage in conversations, and have fun. Dogs are not any different. Look at any dog and you’ll realize almost instantly that being outside and getting noticed are what a dog craves the most. Are you busy with work or […] More

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    You Don’t Know Gene Deitch But You Definitely Know His Work

    We all love pets for a number of reasons. They are cute, clever, and hilarious. If you have more than one pet, then you definitely know that sometimes they get along but at other times they just don’t. Does that remind you of something? Some pets conspire at home against each other and do pranks. […] More

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    Dramatic Horse Pretends To Be Dead Whenever People Try To Ride Him

    When most people climb onto a horse, their immediate fear is that the horse may gallop off, leaving them hanging on for dear life. Never, in your wildest dreams would you expect a horse to collapse underneath you and pretend to die, but then you haven’t met a horse called Jingang, from Mexico. Jingang is […] More

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    Meet Belarus, The Adorable Cross-eyed Cat

    The internet has gone crazy for yet another adorable furry creature – this time it’s Belarus, a cross-eyed cat that its new owner, Rachel, found at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Center in the USA. How could you not fall in love with such an adorable looking cat, even if you can’t be […] More

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    +10 Pets Copying Their Humans, Guaranteed to Make You Laugh!

    “I think my dog might actually be a human trapped in a dog’s body” was what Liam Rice said before unknowingly starting a trend on twitter by sharing pictures of him and his adorable husky Luna copying his expressions. People instantly started interacting with the now viral tweet, sharing pictures of themselves twinning with their […] More

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    This Travelling Cat and Dog Go Across the World Together, and Their Pictures Are Adorable

    For a cat and a dog to a share  the couch is no longer a big deal, however, this adorable duo is travelling around the world with their mom and owner, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend. Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are keen hikers, but they realized they needed more company. Back in 2014, they […] More

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    Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies In Kenya

    Another sad day for humanity… Nature is full of secrets and wonders. We humans fall in love with each element of nature and life. One of the most precious treasures of life is animal-kind. On March 19th, 2018 the last male Northern White Rhino died at the age of 45 because of health issues. This […] More

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    17 Photos Of Pets Before And After Adoption That Will Make Your Cold Heart Melt

    1- This little cutie! 2- Gomi 3- Abby 4- Jake 5- This beautiful German Sheppard coyote mix! 6- Kamal 7- Duke 8-  Vincent (van Gogh) the cat 9- This adorable pitbull! 10- These snuggle buddies! 11- This happy puppy! 12- Barley 13- Look at this smile! 14- Nami 15- Chloe 16- Sansa 17- Gigi More

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    13+ Hysterical Animal Fails That Will Crack You Up.

    An Animal A Day, Keeps Sadness Away: Animals are funny, and what’s even funnier, is that they do not really mean to be. Even when they fail, they tend to do so very gloriously. Here, we have collected fails of those clumsy creatures trying to make their way through the human world. These are evidence how an […] More

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