Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles 2012

Going to be a bride, bridesmaid, or even just a wedding guest? First of all, ‘Our congratulations to you especially if you’re the bride, and wish you great joy!’. Secondly, why don’t you take a look at those glam and gorgeous celebrity hairstyles worn on the red carpet and many occasions during 2012 that we are presenting here today? Believe me; they’re going to be a great source of inspiration for you. Besides that, there’re many other advantages. For example, you’ll forget your worries about whether you would find the right hairdo that suits your face shape, hair texture, nature and length, or even your fashion style. Of course, there’s no need to say that this is because of the great diversity of ideas that we will present, but I think that I’ve just said it! How smart am i? Let’s forget about my IQ and start the real work. The first wedding hairstyles inspired from celebrities are the updos which have rocked many red carpets and occasions this year. Some celebrities have worn very soft and charming styles, while some others have worn those tidy and sort of complicated ones. Also, there’ve been some who have taken advantage of both of them. I know that you’re dying to know some examples, aren’t you?! So, let me tell you some of each type! One of the softest and simplest updos that you can wear in weddings is the loose, side swept wavy updo worn by Charlize Theron. Despite its simplicity, it has a very, very charming and stunning look. I don’t know whether that’s because of the Cartier headband that she used to decorate her hair or what?! Actually, none can define. Anyway, I think that nothing’s simpler than sporting the classic buns, right?! It doesn’t matter whether they’re placed high, low, mid-high, or even off center, they are going to give you an elegant and classy look. That’s what many female stars, like; Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham, Devon Aoki, Busy Phillips and others have done. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more complicated and super tidy styles to wear, you can imitate either the braided updos worn by Alicia Keys and Charlize Theron, or the chignons worn by Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, and others.

Ponytails are among the most worn hairdos by female celebs in 2012, and they have had very glam looks that make them suitable to be wedding hairstyles. If you want to be sure of what I’ve said, then you can take a look at the low, high, mid-high, and side swept styles sported by Gwyneth Paltrow, Mandy Moore, Rooney Mara or Madeline Carroll. For your info, you can find more celebrities than those ones I’ve mentioned, but let them be like a surprise for you! Besides the couple of hairstyles mentioned above, you can also find that braids have become popular and trendy among stars this year more than before. You can see them either worn as individual hairstyles or interfered with other ones. Many celebrities have worn different styles of them as; Keke Palmer, Nicola McLean, Diana Agron, and Kaley Cuoco. Woman, where’re you going?! Stay in your place, we still have more to offer you! If you don’t like to sport any of the last mentioned, then why don’t you do like what some celebrities have done in some occasions such as; Zoe Saldana, Kelly Osbourne, Emily VanCamp, Candice Swanepoel, Jessica Alba and others? Some of them have worn soft and chic half up-half down hairdos, while some others have worn loose, flowing ones. Both of them can definitely suit weddings. Let me not forget to tell you that they have come in different styles; curly, wavy and straight. I can imagine that some of you are surfing the whole article trying to find the phrase ‘celebrity wedding hairstyles for short hair’, right? If you’re one of those women, then I’ve to tell you that you can absolutely wear either any style of the sexy pixie or stylish bob haircuts like the sparkling stars; Michelle Williams, Cameron Diaz, and Viola Davis. You can style your cut in any way you want such as; straight, wavy, or curly, besides, you can quiff or side part it. As you can see, you have a very, very wide range of celebrity wedding hairstyles in front of you to pick from, wear, and glam all the people around you with your shiny, glamorous, stunning, eye catching, elegant, tidy…. can anyone stop me please! Just keep in your mind to pick the one that suits your face shape, hair type, and dress or outfit, as well. Now is the time of saying goodbyes and enjoy!!

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