Chinese Woman Fulfills Her Ill Grandfather’s Wish And Their Photos Will Leave You Crying

Fu Xuewei is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from China who recently shared wedding photos that have been going viral. These wedding photos are not just any ordinary photos; there is a twist. They don’t capture a groom; in fact, there is no groom at all. The pictures only show Ms. Fu and her 87-year-old grandfather.

Ms. Fu was raised by her grandparents since the age of 10. Her grandfather’s life-long dream has always been to his granddaughter a beautiful bride. He had been diagnosed terminally ill last September. Ms. Fu feared that he would not be able to see his dream of walking her down the aisle come true before his death. She then arranged a surprise photo shoot. She kept this plan a secret telling him that they are going for a regular hospital check-up. Later she revealed that they were going to take pictures and he agreed.

The young woman feels she owes her caretakers and says that she wants to take care of them as they had done for her as a child. She even has a tattoo of her grandfather. “I had my grandfather’s portrait tattooed on my arm in January because I want my new friends and my children to be able to know what he looks like in the future,” she said.

(h/t: Daily Mail)

Ms. Fu and her grandfather

Ms. Fu with her grandparents that raised her
Ms. Fu taking care of her ill grandfather
Tattoo of Ms. Fu’s grandfather on her arm
Despite the photo shoot being a surprise, the grandfather looked amazing in his red suit

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