Colorful Bathroom Designs

Bright colors are no more forbidden from interior decoration! If we stayed for a long time away from bright colors and were afraid of using them in our interiors; this year bright colors are the trend, so dare to enter colors in your house! In bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even hallways; bright colors will appear everywhere in new interior designs. In this post we are going to present more than 40 colorful bathroom designs to show you how colors could make a difference in the bathroom decoration and give it a very attractive look. In the bathroom, only one wall can be enough to add a colorful look to the place, sometimes we need to add more than just one wall; it depends on your taste because for some people the perfect bathroom design is the one where more than 3 or 4 different vibrant colors for example are combined while for other people only few colorful details are very sufficient to enter the cheeriness to the bathroom atmosphere. It also depends on the space of the bathroom and its layout because we know that certain colors are not preferred for small spaces. You also need to decide whether if you will enter colors in each of the bathroom items (walls, floors, furniture and accessories) or just in one or two of those items. For me, the best bathroom look in the pictures below, is the one where the bathroom floor & furniture are in pure white while colors appear only on the wall and accessories; the white washbasin, bathtub and toilet on a white floor decorated with a very pretty set composed of curtain, rug, toilet cover and soap bottle having all a striped pattern in springy colors is an awesome combination, not too much colors neither too cold.

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