Colorful Doors and Drawers for Children’s Room Storage from IKEA

Since we always need lots of storage spaces in our kids’ rooms which make these rooms full of closets and drawers, thus IKEA presents an amazing collection of colorful Doors and Drawers that will brighten your child’s room and give you more storage spaces. Concerning the drawers, IKEA presents the whole door including the box and its front, and also presents separate drawer fronts so that you can change your drawer front and get one in another color. Drawer fronts are available with different sizes to see the suitable for your drawer, many cheerful and vibrant colors are found so that you can get your kid’s favorite, or the one that matches with the walls or furniture. You’ll find drawer fronts in white, pink, electric green, blue, gray-brown, birch, and more. All drawers and drawer fronts are made of high quality wood like birch to give you the best quality. Drawers can come with handles or with openings to pull or push them with your fingers.

The collection of doors is awesome; all colors are nearly available so that you can complete the design of your kid’s room using the color that he/she prefers. You are also free to combine more than one color that match with each other to make the room bright and vivid. These drawers have the advantage of having quiet hinges and dampers for easy and quiet closing and opening. These awesome doors will look great when they cover closets. They come in different sizes to choose the perfect for your kid’s closet. All drawer fronts and doors can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth.

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