Colorful Family Apartment Interior Design in Warsaw, Poland

If you love colors, then check out this amazing apartment. This is a colorful family apartment located in Warsaw, Poland. Colors are used in a smart way in this apartment so that it looks bright and cheerful, but not overpowering. Colors used in this apartment make every piece of furniture noticeable and eye catching, thanks to the beautiful mix between the colors. White is dominating in this apartment, which makes it really bright and spacious, and this is smart enough to balance the effect of colors used in a way that doesn’t make the apartment crowded. The lounge area looks really amazing, and a great balance of colors is used to make the space vivid in a chic way. You can see a grey sofa that has printed cushions on it in beautiful colors, white walls, white studying desk, and a long, white console.

The wall against the sofa comes in striped colors; this wall really adds to the decorative touch of the whole lounge area; it makes an amazing eye catching style and combines beautiful colors in a chic way. A unique, green rug is added and there’s a simple white table on it. The hallway has a large mirror which gives the illusion of a large space, and the wall opposite to it comes in white with a print on it that includes words written in different fonts and directions in a light grey tone which looks really amazing, and an accent of color is present through two beautiful, modern yellow stools, and a yellow watch on the wall.

An open kitchen is placed behind the sofa, including white cabinetry with built-in appliances, and a wooden kitchen island with a grey countertop. One of the wall cabinets comes in yellow to match with the color theme of this space and give the kitchen a colorful touch besides the use of colored crockery. Color was also introduced through three globe lamps above a small dining set that are white from the outside but colored from the inside, whereas the dining set comes in white and a striped colored table cloth is added. The bedroom is so sweet and relaxing, and white is also the dominating color. Amazing white wallpaper is used having a simple print, and floral and striped bedding is used for that color accent in the room. Now the kids’ room is really cool, it is full of lively colors which make it really cheerful and fun for kids, and car wallpaper is used to give an eye catching touch that kids will love. The bathroom is really soft and relaxing; it comes in green and white which is a comforting color combination, besides the presence of a little touch of blue.

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