Comfortable & Stylish Living Room Designs with TV Ideas

No doubt that the television takes an important place in our homes; it’s often around it where the living room furniture is set, and in the room where the TV is installed, the family gathers to watch a good movie. To help you better organize your TV corner in your living area, here are many inspiring living room designs that are both stylish and comfortable for watching TV; check them out.

To accommodate the whole family in front of the TV, it is essential that the sofa becomes large. If you are four persons, for example, be sure to choose a large sofa. Also remember to add a chair to welcome guests. If, for you, TV means relaxation, forget the traditional sofa and get a couch that you place in front of the television; this way you can watch movies while being in a comfy & relaxing position, but not in bed; it’s still your living room!

If the living area at your house is an open space that accommodates a dining room and other areas, as well as the TV corner, you can delineate the spaces visually to separate the living & TV area from the other spaces by having an L-sofa that is placed in front of the TV and you can decorate the floor with a carpet that defines this space from the other areas. If you live in a studio, you can still create a television area only if you make it very practical. In order to not clutter the space, go for a small screen that will be installed on a holder attached to the wall; thus, the screen can be oriented according to your studio whether it is on the living room mode or the bedroom mode.

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