Contemporary Christmas Table Decorations

What if we change the traditional red & gold Christmas table for a bold and contemporary one? In fact, you can create your own funny & festive style to decorate your table in a stylish & modern way without locking yourself in the Christmas codes. Discover these contemporary Xmas table decorative ideas to inspire you. If you want to keep the colors that evoke Christmas like red and green, you can still opt for a pretty contemporary style to decorate your table. Choose green and red plates in very clean designs and minimalist shapes and then opt for a quite simple white decoration to highlight the total look of your Christmas table.

To bring some elegance to your Christmas table, choose a trendy color like purple and opt for minimalist crockery. To add the festive touch, drop a few balls in the same color and set a lighting chain as a table runner. If you like colorful decorations, then focus on an oriental style to decorate your Xmas table with very warm colors like orange, red, and pink. Do not hesitate to mix colors by choosing glasses and plates in different colors. If you love the minimalist style, choose a Christmas table decoration that combines black and white. Choose, for example, a black tablecloth and marry it with white dishes in very clean lines. For the festive look, choose lighting and chandeliers in a very contemporary design for a classy yet very trendy look.

Finally, if you want a more sophisticated table that sparkles and shines brightly, you can opt for a gold décor for your Christmas table. And to not fall into a total gold look that’s too shiny, remember to associate the color gold with modern black plates and glasses in iridescent reflects; the result is both luxury and contemporary.

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