Contemporary Travel-Inspired Bedroom Design Ideas

If you love to travel, or have always longed to be a traveler, then your imagination and thoughts must be full of certain ideas and inspirations that are all about travelling. This contemporary bedroom is totally travel-inspired and gives you a cozy feel that any traveler longs for. The bedroom is totally made of wood, which is very warm, fancy, and really decorative. The room is very simple and practical, because travelers usually don’t love having a mess or bulky stuff; just the necessary, and that’s what this room provides. The room is smartly separated into two regions. One of them is the sleeping area where you find a bed, a closet, and an LCD. This region is very comfortable and ensures a good night’s sleep, and it includes a portrait just above the bed that has a boat right in the middle of a wavy sea, very inspirational and reminiscent of travel. Spot lights and ceiling lighting make the room perfect, and the bed looks very comfortable. The other region in this room includes a simple, comfortable sofa, and small working zone where a PC is added, and a comfortable office chair to do all your work. This region also includes a travel-inspired image that covers the wall behind the working zone, this image is presented once as a view of the ocean, and another time shows a map; both of them is perfect for a travelling inspiration. Practicality and functionality in this room is shown through the presence of a lot of drawers that help you store all your stuff while keeping the look of the room neat and organized.

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