Converse Chuck Taylor All Star for Men

Hit the floor with a strong vibe with the all star collection, it’s your favorite sneakers that guarantee star rise for you. Its design is structured for your comfort, its style aims for your pleasure, & its color is meant for your attraction. All star is your ultimate wing man -whether you get in leather, metallic leather or textile fabric-, that you can take anywhere with full confidence in it that it wont let you down. Designed by Charles Hollis Taylor “the American basketball player & shoe salesman” to help provide enhanced flexibility & support – was originally designed for basketball players- while playing, then the all star advanced & grew into more, it’s now one of the best selling shoes in the history of converse. The all star sneakers just gave men the key to footwear hotness with their daring cool style. The sole remained as a trade mark for converse with its style for most shoes, as for the designs & colors; they differed with creativity in each design, they may have a different color tongue, shoe lace, double uppers, double tongues or even a different color back side. There cuts came in styles as some of them had high collar, double tongues, bendable collar, low collar, extra long tongue or a really high panel as boots or all star outsider.

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