Cool Kitchen Designs With Glass Tops by ThinkGlass

When we think of the kitchen countertop materials, we automatically think of wood or stone… But Glass, this is really unusual. ThinkGlass is presenting a collection of kitchen countertops, backsplashes and raised bars that will give your kitchen not just a very original look but will make it very unique. By using their exclusive technology, ThinkGlass could excellently combine between function and art. With a glass countertop of 1.5″ thick or more and can be cut in any shape, you’ve got the flexibility to use it according to your kitchen’s size and style. ThinkGlass offers a huge number of embedded textures, a wide range of custom designs with infused colors and also some single seamless peaces up to 7’×10′. The glass counter top has this beautiful glossy & smooth finish. All glass products of ThinkGlass are very practical with a touch of art, glass countertops are highly resistant to scratch, water & heat. ThinkGlass is guarantying very durable & easy to clean products.

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