Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles 2012

We all love him, no one can deny it. Cristiano Ronaldo has well succeeded in making us fascinated with everything about him, him soccer playing, his character, his news, and, of course, his hair. Although he is a soccer player, but lots of people go after his hairstyles because of the amazing cuts that he shows up with. In this post, we are going to present to you the hairstyles worn by Cristiano Ronaldo during 2012 so that you would get inspired by a new idea for your next haircut. Cristiano always goes for hairstyles that go perfectly with his facial shapes, while making a haircut that’s simple and eye catching at the same time.

Cristiano has always worn short hairstyles, while making several variations in the cut, and in this year he kept on that trend. In most of his hairstyle during 2012 he has worn the undercut where the sides and back of his hair are cut very short, while the crown area came in a longer length whether slightly longer in a spiked manner that looks so free and cool on him, or in most of the other times he had his crown area in a medium length which allowed him to make different looks like having his crown area swept to the side to the back in a sleek manner, or he simple left it in a messy way for a more free style. One of the biggest events that took place in 2012 and Cristiano Ronaldo participated in it is the UEFA Euro 2012.

Cristiano showed up looking great during the UEFA Euro 2012 event, and his hair looked just like we said having short sides and back, while the crown area was longer and he had it swept to the back to the side in a sleek manner that looked totally amazing and kept his hair away from his sight line so that he could easily concentrate. Cristiano has also worn a short faux hawk a couple of times during the year but not in the traditional way; he didn’t shave the sides of his hair, but he just had the tail of his hair a little longer along with a taller crown area which gave an imitation to the faux hawk style, or as known as the squirrel haircut, and it definitely looked awesome on him. The length of the hair on the sides varied from being very short to being short, and he had it whether combed downwards or to the front towards his forehead for a more edgy look. All of Cristiano’s 2012 hairstyle were stunning, and made him look amazing just like he always is.

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