Cute Baby Teethers for Stylish Moms

When your baby starts teething, he suffers so much and the only way that calms his pain is chewing, so you will find him chewing anything he finds; his hand, his toys and even your jewelry when you carry him. That’s why Tweet Baby Design invented this amazing product that is going to help your baby in this hard period and give you a stylish look at the same time; this product consists of a pretty necklace that you can wear on any clothes; it looks fashionable and elegant, but the most important is that it’s in fact a baby teether. It is made of organic wood and covered by a 100% cotton cover so it’s 100% safe, non-toxic and tender for your baby and also a nice calming for him. The cotton cover is also practical as it’s easily absorbing any drool. You can choose between a big variety of those stylish necklaces which are available in different models and colors. In addition to your necklace, Tweet Baby Design presents a collection of teething jewelry for your baby girl as well; it includes cute necklaces and bracelets.

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