Dandy Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

Shoulder length is the perfect length; it doesn’t fall too long nor does it hang too short. This is the length you go for when you’re sick of your long hair, but you’re not sure about getting a short pixie cut yet. The shoulder length hairstyle is extremely popular with women over 30. This age group sometimes feels like long hair isn’t appropriate for their age anymore, but they don’t want to completely part with their locks either. Some may consider this length a bit odd, as if you’re sort of in between hairstyles or you’re trying to grow out your short cut. However, many models, actresses and singers already had their locks chopped off and many ladies have followed in their footsteps. This length simply looks good; especially if you have a more angular face. The key to a perfect shoulder length cut lies in the length. What else?! It can’t be too long or too short, it should just about hit the collarbone.

It’s important to keep this length from looking heavy, so ask your hairdresser to texturize the ends with a feather razor, this way the line will appear sharp and clean, but a lot of movement is retained. Your hair will be both swingy and sexy. When it comes to styling this hair, there are many options. For a sleek look, you can always brush it straight. But this might be a lot of hassle to keep doing day after day. The next day you could go for a messy, out-of-bed look. Simply style the ends with some pomade and you’re good to go. Do you naturally have wavy hair? Lucky you, this look is great with wavy hair too! You could go for sexy, tousled hair or pin some strands on the back of your head. The best part is perhaps that it is still long enough for up-do’s, as well!

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